Day 0 - The seed
 Day 3 - Power up!
 Day 6 - Smaller again
 Day 11 - Wings for strings
 Day 24 - Trabajando en "sonrío"
 Day 30 - Tripas
 Day 44 - Taking the right way
 Day 47 - High low
 Day 50 - Part of something
 Day 93 - looking deeper
 Day 232 - d e t a i l s
 Day 276 - human hate or love is all the same
 Day 304- deadlocked ... again
 Day 335- you push me up!, thanks to all of u
 Day 370- lake of timeless
 Day 415- my head is a jukebox
 Day 425- Musick
 Day 433- no need to hurry up, no place to arrive
 Day 833- changing to be the same
 Day 904- circuits, amplify my voice
 Day 908- Dancing over the great lakes
 Day 955- will we find a way...?
 Day 1004- Drawing the old new
 Day 1039- Soft, Medium, Hard
 Day 1059- I feel blue...
 Day 1115- Rage just don't fade away
 Day 1144- Radio gift
 Day 1151- Pick you battles (and be ready to die)
 Day 1157- Band sound
 Day 1193- too much music, not enough time!
 Day 1206- Sound storm
 Day 1249- Drops of copper
 Day 1287 - Not alone

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